zkDID Sovereign Key Recovery

Leverage Vendible zero-knowledge proof-driven associated accounts and your identity vault to ensure you never lose a single asset.

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Tackling the biggest roadblock to widespread DeFi adoption

We've seen the headlines

We've felt the fear each time we write down that seed phrase. Each time we store it somewhere safe but wonder...what if...

The problem

As more people join DeFi, they will not want to take the risk of self-sovereign ownership of their assets. This trend will only lead to a new generation of custodians.

When you transfer your assets to a custodian or exchange, you no longer own the assets. You merely have a credit with that company. They can then choose when, how, or if they want to honor that credit.


Our solution

Vendible has developed a method for members to import and protect their private keys. We call this service Trustible. We use zero-knowledge proofs and advanced encryption to decentralized storage to ensure that, no matter what, your keys are protected.

In our process, no outside party, including Vendible, ever sees, stores, or has any possible means of accessing your keys. They are protected and secured by the information you add to your decentralized identity vault.


Here’s the questions we are asked most

How does this work?

Vendible allows members to create a decentralized identifier (DID) that proves they have one unique account in our network. The main DID after the initial identity verification. From that point, the main DID account is your anchor in web3. Vendible then creates privacy-preserving associated accounts which link to the main account without exposing those connections on-chain. These associated accounts can hold data or assets. For Trustible, the data contained in the associated account DIDs are the zero-knowledge proof circuit details and encryption information for the protected private key.

Members can recover their main account using the application biometrics plus zero-knowledge proof checks against information stored by the member in the main DID. The main DID can then retrieve all other associated accounts.

Can Vendible or the government see my keys?

No. The recovery key cannot be signed to release the encrypted private key without you providing the answers you encrypted and stored in your identity vault.

How do I add a key?

A key is protected by selecting a network and entering your seed phrase. The encryption takes place on your device and is then locked in decentralized storage. Your key is never seen, held, or passed through Vendible or any third party.

Can you prove this works?

Yes. We have already had the cryptographic measures reviewed. Our grant from the Algorand Foundation to establish these methods is complete. We will open-source all of our work during testnet and publish academic papers on our approach. Ensuring everyone feels secure is our top priority.

How does the recovery process work?

If the main account needs to be recovered, the member goes back through the same steps as initial verification. Biometrics confirms the uniqueness and returns a key that is searched against all Vendible DIDs. When the match is found, the member is presented a series  of questions, the answers to which are encrypted and stored in their identity vault. Zero-knowledge proof checks confirm whether the member knows this information without exposing the answers. For most people, that is enough to confirm, and a threshold signature is signed between Vendible and the member, releasing the encrypted key back to the application where it is unencrypted by the client, and not visible to any other party.

What keys can I import?

We will open service to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Algorand during testnet and initial launch. We will extend our service after our mainnet launch.

How can Vendible recover keys if they can't access them?

Keys are imported into the application, encrypted, and stored in decentralized storage by the application (so that was just between you and the app - nothing on the server). A new Algorand account is created with zero-knowledge proof links and a DID document containing the circuit proofs.

What is an identity vault?

An identity vault is a W3C-compliant DID document and on-chain registration which holds claims to encrypted data locked in decentralized storage.

What if encryption is broken?

No keys can be sent to a client device and unencrypted without confirmation from the device that the member has successfully answered the questions from their identity vault.

What if Vendible is hacked?

No keys can be sent to a client device and unencrypted without confirmation from the device that the member has successfully answered the questions from their identity vault.

What if I forget answers to my questions?

Trustible will occasionally prompt members to answer their questions again to ensure they are fresh in their minds. Customer service can help walk a member through a recovery process if they forget their keys, but it is an extensive process.

Can you recover keys that are already lost?

No. Keys that are not protected are unfortunately lost forever, along with the assets they control.


Privacy-preserving accounts

Architecture design and implementation of decentralized identifiers coupled to data and assets through privacy-preserving associated accounts using zero-knowledge proof and advanced encryption.

Cryptography review

Architecture design and implementation were reviewed by the Algorand Foundation with suggestions for applicable use cases.

Go-to-market confirmed

Confirmation of go-to-market plan complete. Our approach focuses on sovereign private key recovery secured by decentralized identifiers and a user-managed identity vault.

Social & community launch

Release of website, litepaper, tokenomics, Trustible product reveal, and Ible City NFT collection announcement.

xNFT Launch

Ible City NFT collection launch intends to drive community growth and build an extensive waitlist for testnet. The collection drops happen through multiple methods across Algorand, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchain networks.

Full whitepaper

The Vendible whitepaper contains the entire vision, mission, and execution for the company and future DAO.

Testnet VEND token generation

Vendible will issue the VEND token on testnet for all participants using Trustible on testnet. The amount of VEND allocated will depend on the participants' access to testing. xNFT holders will earn 3x VEND, early wallet beta waitlist members will earn 2x VEND, and general testnet waitlist members will earn the standard VEND reward. Members must complete testnet activities to whitelist for the VEND token generation event.

Peer reviewed academic paper

Vendible will release our academic paper and any additional IP related to our approach at the beginning of testing.


Mid-way through our testing phase, Vendible will open-source our codebase for community review. We believe this is crucial to ensure everyone has confidence in our methods.

VEND token generation event

The VEND token generation event will occur before the end of testnet so that a sufficient supply of VEND is in the market before launch. We anticipate 4%-5% of the total supply to release at this time. No VEND is planned to release after TGE other than vesting for private round investors and ongoing participation rewards for community-driven events. A percentage of each sale through Trustible will convert to VEND through an open-market DEX purchase. This VEND will lock into the associated account of the protected key and remain locked until the end of the subscription creating a deflationary action in the circulating supply. There will be no open public sale of VEND.

Mainnet launch

After all systems have been thoroughly tested, and VEND is released into the market, we will open Trustible to mainnet and initiate several referral campaigns.

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